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Bridgewater is a small town in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Our town is home to Bridgewater College, varied industries and stores, and comfortable residential neighborhoods. bridgewaterva.com is a community website with an open discussion board, just below, called “Bridgewater Buzz.”

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Why did I do it?

I had a perfectly good flip phone. Then friends and relatives insisted I had to have “smart Phone”. Finally, I caved. Do you know what those things cost? Did you all know they come with NO MANUAL. Downloadable manual is 164 pages. Call to iphones support resulted in (not kidding) ” don’t worry when you figure it out you’ll love it”.
I thought one got wiser with age….well, apparently not me. I see no reason for these damnable machines to exist. Excuse my French.

Green Bay

Oh man, they should have won. Great come back by Seattle. Colts lost too. Once again I’ll be watching the Super Bowl without a team I like. Hope the commercials and halftime make the time spent watching worth while.

McDonald’s construction?

Is that construction at McDonald’s on main street almost done — already? I saw them putting up signage, painting lines, landscaping, and all the stuff that usually comes at the end of a project. And — is it all open even now (drive-through and eat-in also)?

Great Article


This is a great article by Victor Davis about the reasons for America’s continued success in spite of government corruption and incompetence, huge debts, racial strife, and low approval ratings of our leaders .

Immigration puzzle

Let’s say the President truly does have the authority, as he asserts, to increase by 5 million the number of legal workers in the U.S. economy through executive action. And surely that means a future president could go back 5 million. Does that mean Congress — which seems to have authority over immigration and labor force matters — doesn’t get to pick the size of all that, within 5 million?

Does Congress get to pick that number within 10 million? And if the answer is “no,” what does Congress get to say about the size of the legal labor force?

Voter ID Cards

Libertarian made me think about the ID cards….here is a list acceptable cards.

Drivers license
Veterans cards
Other cards issued by the Feds or state government
University and college ID cards
Employer issued cards that have photo.
AND the Voters Registration Office will provide free Va. voter ID cards upon request.